The Duke WebEx page: https://webex.duke.edu

Login to your Duke WebEx account: https://dukeuniversity.webex.com

For immediate help with WebEx issues in Pratt, call the Pratt Service Desk at 660-5400

For all other non-time sensitive issues, email pratt-av@duke.edu and a service now ticket will be automatically generated.

You can hold web conferences, share your screen, schedule phone conference calls or invite people to your private web conference room

WebEx Meeting Center allows Web-based audio and video conferencing from your desktop. You can invite up to 1,000 participants to attend meetings by telephone, on their computer, or via mobile devices (i.e. iphone, android, tablets).

WebEx provides telephone only conferencing at considerable savings over other telephone conferencing services. You can begin using WebEx immediately by visiting the website and logging in with your NetID. If you need to access the toll free number, you will need to set that up with the OIT Service Desk by providing a fund code. You and your participants may always use the toll number (this is a good option since most phone services now include long distance).


Pratt rooms with full WebeX integration:

Teer 203

Hudson Hall 115A


Pratt rooms with partial WebEx integration (Will need teleconferencing added):

Teer 115

Schiciano A&B



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