Archiving Lectopia/Echo 360 recordings

Pratt faculty who use the Lectopia/Echo 360 classroom capture technology are responsible for archiving their own recordings.

Currently, OIT's policy is that they will leave files up for a few years, keeping authentication credentials intact. Their policy could change without notice.

Here is how to archive your files: 1) go to your Lectopia URL. Example:

2) For each date your class was held, you will have a "download" and "quicktime" pull-down (note: all files are actually Quick Time files, the "quicktime" label in the second pull-down would have more accurately described the files contained within if it were labeled "streaming files" instead). Look in the "download" pull-down. You will have a few files to choose from: video only, VGA and video, and audio only. Archive whichever ones you want - - or all - - up to you. Note: you'll have to repeat steps 2 - 5 for each file you want to download.

3) You will be presented with a "copyright warning" pop-up. Click "continue."

4) A "media player download option" pop-up appears: Click "download recording format." (on my Mac, I can just click the link to begin the download..... there is a note in this box that says "control click on link and 'Save As'"... so, this may be a better option for Windows users)

5) You may be presented with another pop-up: click "OK" and/or,

6) the file will download to your desktop (or a "downloads folder," depending on how your computer is set up).

I would recommend creating a folder on your desktop and putting all of your files in that. And, if you are downloading all files from each date (audio only, video and VGA, video only), create sub-folders so you can keep files organized by lecture. Then, I'd recommend burning these to DVD(s) (or, CD(s) if you don't have a DVD burner on your computer). This way, the files don't take up too much space on your computer's hard drive, and also, if your hard drive ever fails, you will still have the DVDs.