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Pratt Audio-Visual Information

AV Hardware Purchasing Policy

To ensure effective support, design, and pricing on new AV hardware for office spaces & conference rooms, we strongly advise consulting with Pratt AV before making purchasing decisions. 

Pratt AV has partnered with Howard AV for purchasing AV equipment here at Duke.  The arrangement allows Pratt AV to purchase AV hardware at educational pricing. 

AV Consulting & Support

  • Pratt AV will meet with you to review your needs and assess the feasibility of the proposed AV installation.
  • After the meeting, we will build an equipment list and obtain a vendor-provided quote. The quote will be forwarded to you for approval.
  • Upon providing approval and a fund code, we will submit a purchase order on your behalf. We will handle the shipping, receiving, and storage of all equipment prior to installation. 
  • We will then coordinate with you and Pratt Facilities to perform the installation. 
  • Post installation, we will support the equipment and work with the vendor or manufacturer for any required warranty repair or RMA.

Pratt Zoom Webinar

Pratt Zoom Webinar Request Form 

Zoom Meeting vs Zoom Webinar:

*Alternative Host(s) must be provided in order to schedule a Webinar.

*The Alternative Host will start the meeting and moderate the meeting. 

Please provide the following meeting information:

  • Name of Event:
  • Date:
  • Time:
  • Panel List – Full Name and Email:
  • Alternative Host – this is the person who will start the meeting:
  • Passcode, Yes or No?:
  • Record the Webinar? Yes or No:
  • **Automatic Registration, Yes or No:

**We can only provide the automatic registration.  Registration via Zoom is not necessary to run a Webinar.  Most groups will use a separate registration program and then provide the Webinar link via the separate registration program.

Zoom Cart Rooms

  • The Zoom Carts have been decommissioned and are no longer available

Web Conferencing Enabled Rooms

Fully Integrated rooms that allow for the classroom PC host the meetings.
The classroom PC will have access to room microphones and cameras.
Duke supported applications: Zoom.

  • Teer 106 | Teer 115 | Teer 203
  • FCIEMAS Schiciano A 1464 | FCIEMAS Schiciano B 1466
  • Hudson 115a | Hudson 125 | Hudson 207 | Hudson 208
  • Wilkinson Classroom 021 | 126 | 130 | 132 | 136
  • Wilkinson Conference 221 | 321

Panopto Enabled Rooms

  • Teer 106 | Teer 115 | Teer 203
  • FCIEMAS Schiciano A 1464 | FCIEMAS Schiciano B 1466
  • Hudson 115a | 139 | 212 | 216 | 218
  • Wilkinson Classroom 021 | 126 | 130 | 132 | 136

Panopto Lecture Capture Requests

Please include the following information when requesting a class or seminar recording:

  • Start Date / End Date:
  • Start Time / End Time:
  • Days of the Week:
  • Course Number & Name OR Event Name:
  • Course Section Number:
  • Location :: Classroom Name Or Number:
  • 4 Digit Course Code:
  • Sakai Access to the Panopto Recordings: Yes/No?
  • Canvas Access to the Panopto Recordings: Yes/No?

How do I use Panopto with Sakai?

Duke Campus Panopto Sites and Contacts


Classroom & Auditorium Reservations

Reservations made via 25Live

Pratt A/V Links:

After Hours Audio/Visual Support: Duke Tech Services


Email ::
Phone:: (919) 660-1731

After submitting a request to Duke Tech Services you should receive a response within 24 – 48 hours.

For most events Duke Tech Services asks for at least one week of lead time but the actual results may vary, so something scheduled for tomorrow that they can make happen, may get a positive response.