Coming from Duke Health to the University - Mailbox

Here are the options for the staff coming from Duke Health to Duke University:

  1. OIT recommends option one which is to have the mailbox deleted and then recreated under the University's mail system. This can be started by calling OIT at (919)684-2200 to request their mailbox be purged and recreated now that they have lost DHE access.
  2. Option two is to request to retain access to their Duke Health mailbox through DHTS (Duke Health IT) but the downside to this option is that the staff member will more than likely have to remain under the "Medical Mail Policy." This option more than likely will not work if the staff member has any PHI in their mailbox. Here is what the Medical Mail Policy entails:
  • Outgoing mail is scanned by Data Loss Prevention, which looks for sensitive data being accidentally sent to non-Duke addresses.
  • Automatic mail forwarding to non-Duke addresses is blocked.
  • Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are required to use encryption, and a security code for login.

This can be started by calling OIT at (919)684-2200 and requesting to retain access to the mailbox after losing DHE access. 

  1. Option three would allow you to retain access to the same mailbox without the Medical Mail Policy (essentially being on the University side). This would require attestation from prior Duke Medicine departmental chairman that no PHI exists in mailbox. This option will require attestation from a prior Duke Medicine departmental chairman emailed to Duke Medicine Chief Information Security Office, for review and approval. From my experience, the Duke Health departmental chairs typically do not send the request.