Software Licenses

Biowin from Envirosim

software: expires: perpetual, automatically renews annually free of charge license #: BW2-0565 type: hardlock usb dongle, floating network, 250 seats server: license-win owner: Pratt IT users: CEE department: Claudia Gunsch, Marc Deshusses client activation code: 87BD-D5DC-36A1-A9FA-0565, good until March 2011 notes: client activation code changes annually, obtain it by emailing with license#, HL-server service will only run if Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature on Win2008 is off or in OptIn mode. Firewall configuration: see attachment license manager components:

  • hardlock (HL) driver (required)
  • hardlock server (required)
  • aladdin hasp hl monitor (optional)
  • aladdin diagnostix (optional)


supports software version: 9.0.3b expires: perpetual type: floating, 20 seats server: license-vm location: /opt/licenses/ensight/9.0.3b/license8/slim8.key daemon: slimd8 listening on port: 7790 owner: John Dolbow, CEE conact: Kim Connolly, Notes: daemon configured for autostart with init script slimd8 via chkconfig


supports software version: 2007a, 2008ab, 2009a expires: 09/01/2010 type: floating server: license-vm location: /opt/lm/glnxa64/license.dat daemon: lm_matlab listening on port: owner: OIT Site License Notes: All current versions of matlab look to the 2009a license file.


software: version 16 and earlier expires: 09/30/2010 type: floating network license, license file, 15 seats server: lmgrd port: 27400 vendor port: 27500 users: CIEMAS MEMP Lab & virtual MEMP Lab contact: Elizabeth Barry client update: regedit:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->FLEXlm License Manager


Check Novell Section in root

RAM Structural System from Bentley

software: Frame, Concrete and Foundation modules in RAM SS and all modules in RAM Concept expires: perpetual for the version of RAM SS and RAM Concept we had, license is not in use type: NetHASP hardware lock, usb dongle, floating network, 50 seats server: none owner: Pratt IT users: none, at one point was the CEE department: Joseph Nadeau notes: email from Hardware lock support was phased out starting with RAM Structural System 12 and RAM Concept 3.1 in favor of Bentley's SELECT Server licensing system, a network-based licensing system done entirely in software.