Pratt Help Desk Support Policies

Warranty Computer Hardware Support

All computers purchased through the Duke Computer Purchasing Program will be supported for the life of the warranty.  Warranty computers purchased outside the Duke Computer Purchasing Program will also be supported.  Although we might not be familiar with your particular equipment, we will do our best to resolve your issue.

Non-Warranty Computer Hardware Support

Although repair of malfunctioning hardware can only be guaranteed for hardware and devices which are still under warranty, we will provide best-effort assistance for hardware that is no longer under warranty.  Pratt IT will attempt to diagnose hardware issues for out-of-warranty computers and recommend a solution. 

Printer Support

We provide basic hardware support for warranty printers.  For non-warranty printers, we provide best-effort assistance.  We highly recommend printers no longer covered by warranty be replaced.

Computer and Printer Life Cycles

All computers should be purchased through the Duke Computer Purchasing Program, which offers standardized computer models with extended warranties and better pricing, when possible.  We highly recommend computers no longer covered by warranty be replaced.  We are not able to repurpose out-of-warranty computers and printers.  For example, the out-of-warranty printer you are replacing cannot be given to another member of your department.  All out-of-warranty items must be sent to surplus through the Duke Surplus Program when the item fails or is replaced.  You can find more information at

Software Support

Pratt IT provides support for the installation and use of Duke -supported applications.   We cannot guarantee support for software packages that are not part of Duke's supported application set.  See