Map Network Drive (Mac)

To mount a drive on the Windows file server when using a Mac, you simply need to:

1. Open a Finder window

2. In the menu, click on Go>Connect to Server

3. In the dialog that opens, enter one of the following:
smb:// (for personal data)
smb:// (for shared data)
(if you want to mount a folder at a deeper level, you can enter the full path to that) and hit Enter

4. At the next prompt that comes up, make sure "Registered User" is selected and enter in your login information (win\NetID) and hit Enter. This should bring up the shared space you mounted.

If you need further help with this, please do not hesitate in contacting the Pratt IT Helpdesk at 919.660.5400 or by creating a ticket using the "Request Help" link found above.