Mediasite Request Form

Mediasite Lecture Recording Request Form:

Equipped rooms are Schiciano A and B, and Teer 115.

Pratt IT requires at least five (5) business days turnaround to process these forms (and future limited modifications mid-semester).

All guest speakers (including students and other Duke faculty or staff) are required to sign Pratt’s Recording Release Form which is available at  The professor or course/event coordinator who fills out a recording request form is solely responsible for procuring and maintaining Release Forms. If you request a recording, Pratt IT will be under the assumption you have secured the appropriate permissions from the speaker(s). **Pratt IT does not have to see the Release forms, we just have to know you have indeed received this written permission.**

Students or event attendees must be made aware that a lecture is being recorded and that their image or voice may be captured. It is recommended that you post this notification on your syllabus or on Blackboard; however announcing it in class or posting a flier near the entrance to the auditorium would suffice.

Please be mindful of only presenting material that you own the rights to.

Any questions, please contact Pratt IT's help desk and they will route the question to the appropriate AV Specialist:

Monday-Friday 7:00am - 6:00pm EST contact:

1. (*help ticket submission preferred*)
2.  919-660-5400
3.  413 Teer Engineering Building (walk-in help available)


  • When recordings are published to Blackboard courses, authentication/security is handled by Blackboard, i.e., only students that can log into the course we publish to will be able to access the recording.  When recordings are not published to Blackboard courses, they are publicly available for web streaming via a public URL, e.g., Sample Public Presentation


CLICK HERE to submit the Mediasite Lecture Recording Form