MOVI - Set Up


Cisco Movi software is provided by Duke's OIT to all Duke affiliates to participate in standards based (H.323 or SIP) video conferencing. The program is administrated by departmental/school IT staff and participation in the program is decided by each individual school and department. OIT does not offer direct user support for Cisco Movi.

Our software license allows for the Cisco Movi software to be distributed to any one, Duke or non-Duke that will be participating in a Duke sponsored video conferencing call. This distribution is at the discretion of the particular school or department's Cisco Movi site administrator.

Contact John Vincent to request a license for MOVI

Ph: 919-613-6438



Set Up Movi


1. Once installed, launch the application 

2. Once the application launches, before logging in, click on the "Advanced" button and enter the information below in the appropriate field:

     a. Internal VCS:

     b. External VCS:

     c. SIP Domain:

     d. Transport: Auto (Windows Only)

3. Close the "Advanced" settings panel

4. Log into Movi

5. Windows: click the "Tools Icon"

Macintosh: select "Preferences" from the "Movi" menu

     a. Uncheck the "Start Movi Automatically at Login" if checked

     b. Uncheck "Sign-in Automatically" if checked

Please Note: Leaving yourself logged into Movi utilizes a license so please do not stay logged in when you are not actively involved in a call.

6. Test Your Connection

     a. Test on the Duke Network: enter "555" or "8004" into the "Name, Number, or Address" field in Movi

     b. Test connecting off of the Duke Network: enter into the "Name, Number, or Address" field in Movi .

Note: Although you may hear this system say that it will call you back, it will not be able to do so.