Policy: Projector Lamp Replacements

September 2009

Pratt IT Projector Lamp Replacement Policy

This policy defines the protocols related to replacing and purchasing projector lamps. It also describes the policy for maintaining an inventory of spare lamps.

Pratt IT conducts weekly preventative maintenance rounds, which consists of checking projector lamp hours. When a lamp has reached 85% of its rated life expectancy (note: real-world life expectancy at this point would equal approximately 97%), Pratt IT will start the process of purchasing a new lamp, with the exception of a few rooms (identified below), for which we will already have an extra lamp on hand.

The process for purchasing a lamp is as follows: Pratt IT will use the attached spreadsheet to identify and contact the administrator of the appropriate fund code. Pratt IT will ask this person permission to purchase a lamp and will identify the projector that is in need of a lamp and will provide the purchasing cost. Once permission has been received, Pratt IT will purchase a new lamp and receipts will be delivered to the appropriate person.

In an effort to reduce spending and to get the most out of each purchase, Pratt IT will not change a lamp until it has either blown or degraded to an unacceptable level of brightness or quality, whichever comes first. “Unacceptable level of brightness or quality” will be judged by user complaints and Pratt IT’s judgment.

There are a few larger, busier rooms and/or rooms that are more difficult to set up a backup projector for which Pratt IT will always keep a lamp in stock. These rooms are Schiciano Auditorium(Schiciano projectors each require two lamps, so two will be kept on hand for one projector), Teer 115, Teer 203, Hudson 125, and FCIEMAS 1441.