Pratt Audio/Visual Support Policies

After Hours AV Support or Support for Non Pratt Events


Email ::

Phone:: (919) 660-1731

Duke Tech Services Turnaround Time

After submitting a request to Duke Tech Services you should receive a response within 24 – 48 hours.

For most events Duke Tech Services asks for at least one week of lead time but the actual results may vary, so something schedule for tomorrow, that they can make happen may get a positive response.

Definition of After Hours & Non Pratt Events

After Hour Events:  These are events taking place at Pratt after the 6pm.  In the case that the event is held or sponsored by Pratt, then AV support will be provided by Pratt AV.

Non Pratt Events: These are events that take place at Pratt but are held or sponsored by another school at Duke.   Clubs at Duke, even though they have members from Pratt are still considered to be a Non Pratt Event.

Please contact Pratt IT if you have questions about After Hour or Non Pratt Events.