Policy: Five (3) Business Day Notice for AV and Multimedia Support and/or Recording

Policy: Three (3) Business Day Notice for
AV and Multimedia Support and/or Recording

Last Updated: June 19, 2013

Submissions can be made via email or DUNK:
Email:: Pratt-av@duke.edu
DUNK :: DUNK Web Submit (select Pratt IT Support from the Support Group drop-down list)
Automatic DUNK replies do not constitute acknowledgment of request.


This policy addresses the actions that must be taken by all personnel who are requesting AV support and/or a video/audio recording of an event (seminar, presentation, class, etc.)


The initiator of a request must submit applicable information to Pratt IT’s Multimedia Specialist and receive confirmation of their request no later than three business days prior to the start of the event that is to be supported and/or recorded. The "Submission of Requests" section below describes the request process.

Pratt IT’s acknowledgment of the initiator’s request may include questions to clarify expectations, specifics, or technical requirements. All questions must be answered to the satisfaction of Pratt IT prior to the start of the three-day window.

If recording, event organizers are responsible for notifying speakers that they will be recorded and of the intended distribution of recording(s). Please note, there is a Pratt Release Form that must be signed by presenters and turned in, also three days prior to the date of the event. This form can be downloaded from

Pratt IT cannot guarantee the support and/or recording of an event for those not giving three-days notice as outlined above.